Even though Zinedine Zidane is ticking all the right boxes as a manager, not every other great player has had the same luck. After all, dribbling past defenders and scoring scorching goals is a wholly different ball game as compared to inspiring players and reading the opponent’s gameplan. The latest footballer to join the manager’s bandwagon is Steven Gerrard, who is working to get his certifications in place. His place in history books as a legendary footballer is beyond question. But, that doesn’t guarantee success and we really hope that his career doesn’t turn out to be like the ones mentioned below.

Diego Maradona

One of the greatest strikers of all time, Diego Maradona would raise everyone’s hair by dribbling past defenders with absolute ease. As Argentina’s manager though, he floundered and his team were handed a 4-0 hammering by Germany in the 2010 World Cup.

Bobby Charlton

Bobby Charlton was the greatest English player of his time, and was part of their 1966 World Cup winning team. He didn’t find managing to be his cup of tea, and failed to save his club Preston North End from relegation.

Alan Shearer

An absolute legend, Alan Shearer was among the most well-paid footballers of his time and was adored by Newcastle United fans. Unfortunately, his coaching career failed to pay similar dividends and he was in-charge of a Newcastle team that were relegated to the Championship.

Roy Keane

Ireland’s Roy Keane will forever be remembered as Manchester United’s biggest legends, but his managerial career is something we would all like to forget. Keane did not enjoy much success as the manager of Ipswich Town and was sacked as a result of poor performances.