The India vs Australia matchups have been a roller coaster ride. While the boys managed to win a few matches, the lows hit hard. India recorded their lowest total ever in Test cricket a few days ago in Adelaide. But when asked what he would have done if he was in place of Ravis Shastri, Australia Head Coach Justin Langer said it’s “none of my business.”

The current Indian team is missing some of its key players, which is drastically affecting their performance. Indian skipper Virat Kohli flew back to India for the birth of his child with wife Anushka Sharma. Apart from that, the team lost pacer Mohammed Shami to an injury.

Ravi Shastri and the team curently find themselves in an extremely stressful and pressurising situation. India vs Australia matches are looking tough to win. But Langer is just glad Australia is not in India’s position, even though he does “empathise” with India.

When asked what would he have done had he been in place of Shastri, Langer said he is ‘glad’ that it’s India who are under a slot of stress and not Australia. “None of my business. I have had enough with stresses,” Langer said during a virtual media conference organised by series broadcasters Sony Network.

“I empathise with the opposition and I know what it feels like. If India are feeling any stress, I am glad they are and not us over the Christmas weekend.”

Langer did admit that the absence of Kohli and Shami would be an advantage for his team.

“Of course, whatever sport you play, if you take out two of your stars, Virat Kohli is an all-time great player I think and Shami is a real glue for the team because he is so miserly and skillful. It surely gives us some advantage,” he said.

“We need to start strongly on the first day and build pressure on Rahane as he is the new captain of India for this series. So the processes don’t change. Whenever you take out best players of any cricket team, it weakens them and that’s the reality,” added Langer.