We have often heard that success has no limit, but at the same time, it is also true that success also has no age. We have seen people break records at such a young age which is considered to be unthinkable sometimes. People have broken records after the age of 90, and some people have broken records before they even become teenagers. Such a record was broken in chess earlier this week by a young boy of 12 named Abhimanyu.

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Abhimanyu Mishra of Indian-American origin has become a star for India already at such a tender young age. Earlier this week, in Budapest, Hungary, Abhimanyu became the youngest person to win the grandmaster title. He broke a nineteen-year-old record as he won the title at twelve years and four months, and the previous record held by Sergey Karjakin’s record set in 2002 when he was twelve years and seven months old. Chess.com, the famous online chess platform, mentioned that Abhimanyu broke the 2500 Elo rating barrier. Abhimanyu is of Indian origin but was born and brought up in New Jersey, United States of America. This is the highest title that can be achieved in chess, and to achieve it at such a young age is something to be proud of for Abhimanyu and his family. To achieve this rating, he had to play a series of matches and played back-to-back tournaments in chasing the title. Finally, after he broke the third GM norm, he achieved this rare feat and made his country and his parents proud.

The parents at the same time should be appreciated and should be proud of their son’s achievements. It is not easy to move countries post the pandemic for tournaments and make their twelve-year-old a world champion. Their efforts will be appreciated by people and surely Abhimanyu in the long run.