Milkha Singh is one of the household greats of the Indian Sporting fraternity. Last Monday, on June 24, 2021, he was hospitalized after he tested positive for the highly contagious coronavirus. Along with his wife, he was shifted to a private hospital, where they were given complete care throughout the week. 

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Milkha Singh got discharged from the hospital at the special request of the family members. He will still be on oxygen support even at home, which will help in his treatment. The hospital they were placed in is a famous one and none other than Fortis hospital, which meant that they were in good hands. Although Milkha Singh has been discharged, his wife has been shifted to the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) due to additional oxygen requirements. The family members of the Milkha family were there throughout the week with them and helped in any way they could. Their son, Jeev, flew down to Chandigarh from Dubai while his elder sister, a doctor in the United States, reached Chandigarh only a few days ago. It is known that they had gotten in contact with their house-help, which happened to be a carrier of the virus.

Milkha Singh has been a pride for his country and has received numerous accolades and awards for his brilliant time in the sports industry. He represented India several times in major competitions and is known to be the fastest man there ever was. He is also known to have the nickname ‘The Flying Sikh,’ which he got from a Pakistan senior management person. The legendary athlete is a four-time Asian Games gold medallist and 1958 Commonwealth Games champion. Still, his most remarkable performance was the fourth-place finish in the 400m final at the 1960 Rome Olympics. His timing at the Italian capital remained the national record for 38 years till Paramjeet Singh broke it in 1998. He was also bestowed upon with the Padma Shri award in 1959.

All of India would be praying for the speedy recovery of the couple and would be hoping they get better sooner rather than later.