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Is Test cricket on a permanent decline?

A documentary made by two cricket journalists seeks answers to this question and other pertinent ones

A new documentary titled Death Of A Gentleman looks into the effects of T20 cricket and its popularity to analyse whether the Test format of the sport is still relevant.

Cricket journalists Jarrod Kimber and Sam Collins are behind the film, which appears to reveal that India, Australia and England have a stronghold at the International Cricket Council (ICC), meaning that they monopolise the cricketing calendar and handpick broadcast contracts, putting other teams at a serious disadvantage. Evidence of this perhaps comes from the fact that till 2023, all major cricketing events are scheduled to take place in one or the other of these three countries.

Among those who are interviewed in this documentary are featuring interviews with ICC chairman N. Srinivasan, ECB chief Giles Clarke, and former cricketers Kevin Pietersen and Ravi Shastri.

Here’s a look at the film’s trailer: