Paris Saint-Germain pleasantly surprised fans when they announced their collaboration with Jordan. Following the announcement, PSG and Jordan dropped several capsule collections, which went on to be mega successes. It was Adidas’ turn now, and the brand chose one of their best teams, Juventus, and one of the biggest streetwear brands to redesign their jersey, Palace.


The team was seen sporting brand-new training wear with logos of Adidas and Palace, along with the logo of the team’s main sponsor, Jeep. A short video was played before the match in the Allianz Stadium officiating the collaboration.

Watch it below:


The team then gloriously came out in the new Palace-designed field kit, which retained the iconic white and black stripes with hints of fluorescent green on the logos and a touch of bright orange on the left sleeve. The goalie jersey is primarily orange with a splash of green on the sides.

Palace is a London-based brand that started with designing skateboards and skating wear, but eventually expanded into streetwear as immense popularity surrounded the brand’s unique designs. Today, it is one of the most popular and successful streetwear brands and is on par with names like Supreme and Stussy.

The release date of the collection has not been announced yet, but from the looks of it, we probably will not be waiting for too long. The collection will also include scarves and hats along with the jerseys.