Borg McEnroe, one of Tennis’ greatest rivalries will now be portrayed on screen in a Janus Metz Pederson film, starring Sverrir Gudnason as Bjorn Borg and Shia LeBouf as John McEnroe. Out of all things that we are excited to see in the movie, the 1980 Wimbledon Finals where Borg won an epic five-setter (1–6, 7–5, 6–3, 6–7 (16–18), 8–6) ranks the highest.

Here’s looking at a few other rivalries we would like to see on screen.

Rafael Nadal-Roger Federer

While one is the king of clay, the other is the god of grass. Nadal and Federer have played many epic matches in their career, and the last Australian Open final was just one of them. That said, they are great friends off the court, and we think that a film depicting both players’ journey will make for great viewing.

Cristiano Ronaldo-Lionel Messi

They’ve maintained their duopoly over the Ballon D’Or for quite some time now, and both players are spearheading two of the greatest teams in football at the moment – Real Madrid and Barcelona. Unfortunately, their can’t be a showdown between the two of them, considering football is a team sport. However, the sheer quantity of their goals over so many years is unmatched and unparalleled.

Andy Murray-Novak Djokovic

They’ve known each other since they were kids, and understand each other’s game really well. Not like there haven’t been bitter moments between the two – in the Australian Open 2015 final, Djokovic probably faked injury to unsettle Murray’s good run of form. Since, after appearing to be struggling, Djokovic bounced back to play some sensational tennis.

Mika Hakkinen-Michael Schumacher

We already have seen Rush – a scintillating film about the rivalry between James Hunt and Nikki Lauda – to know that F1 rivalries make for great cinema. The one between Mika Hakkinen and Michael Schumacher was far more disciplined, but the sheer competitiveness between the two when they were racing would make for great drama.

Muhammad Ali-Joe Frazier

“Joe’s going to come out smokin
But I ain’t gonna be jokin’
I’ll be pickin’ and pokin’
Pouring water on his smokin’
This might shock and amaze ya
But I’m gonna destroy Joe Frazier,”

Muhammad Ali even made a poem on their rivalry. Enough said.