Hardik Pandya has done it again. His 72 ball 78 in yesterday’s match was supreme batting, and his continous performance is earning him praise from all corners. Especially, ladies. 

Out of all the praise that he is getting,  the most significant one is from Parineeti Chopra who tweeted out a photo with a caption that included ‘Love is in the air!’ To this, Hardik Pandya replied almost a day later. This means that it is something that probably did not appear on his timeline randomly. He must have gone to her timeline and replied. (We are not totally sure about this, though.)

Parineeti replied back. 

That is not all the love that Pandya has been getting from the opposite sex. Shibani Dandekar, who was part of the IPL anchoring team, called Pandya a gangsta! 

Hardik Pandya has also been linked with Lisha Sharma, with whom he has denied having a relationship. That said, there was a photo of them circulating and by the looks of it, there was love. 

“Just wanted to clear once and for all, I have been single and focusing on my game since a long time! Again and again, this rumour or the picture comes out! It doesn’t justify the hard work we do! I would really appreciate ending this rumour! And let’s end it for all. Thank you, Love all, Hardik,” he tweeted on this year’s Valentine’s Day. Obviously, he tweeted it out as a photo since that declaration is much longer than the 140 characters allowed on Twitter. 

Whatever be the case, Hardik surely has a legions of female fans. He isn’t just a smart, suave cricketer who has some killer swag and exceptional English speaking skills, he is a great cricketer as well. He lets the bat and the ball do the talking, and it shouldn’t be long before we see him in a string of advertisements. 

We hope you don’t let the adulation get to your Hardik, and play much after the 2019 World Cup.