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MS Dhoni Makes Ajinkya Rahane Cry And Other Dressing Room Secrets Of The Indian Cricket Team

Indian cricket team’s dressing room secrets are well hidden, but some of them are out thanks to What The Duck Season 2, a comedy cricket chat show hosted by Vikram Sathaye.

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Indian cricket is going through a rocky phase – what with the massive thrashing they received at the hands of Pakistan in the Champions Trophy final, and Anil Kumble’s public fallout with Virat Kohli. Indeed, there are a lot of things that happen in the dressing room which we have no idea about. But, there are some secrets that are out, thanks to What The Duck Season 2, a comedy cricket chat show hosted by Vikram Sathaye. 

  • When MS Dhoni almost makes Rahane cry  

When Dhoni decided to retire from test cricket, he made an announcement to theteam in Melbourne. He told the team that he is going to retire from test cricket. At that point, even his family was unaware of this decision. Being Rahane’s inspiration for the longest time, that was an extremely emotional moment for him. Rahane confesses how he finds his personality similar to Dhoni. He also went on to reveal that he was so moved by this announcement, that he actually wrote a letter to Dhoni and slipped it under his room. Another fascinating side to Dhoni is that he is a man full of surprises, nobody can tell what’s going on in his mind.

  • When Rohit Sharma’s coach gave him a pale reaction, when he scored 264 against Sri Lanka, world record in highest ODI individual score

From being someone who could not afford to get decent training to becoming one of the most valuable batsman the Indian team possesses, Rohit Sharma’s sense of determination and his passion for the game is unparalleled. Rohit, who serves as an inspiration for all the cricket fans has been loved adored by millions of his fan. But did you know, like us even Rohit was ‘Sharma ji ka beta-ED’ by his coach. Rohit currently holds the record for being the highest run-scorer in an ODI innings, when he smashed a valiant 264 against Sri Lanka in 2014. After his record breaking score when Rohit Sharma comes back to the dressing room and greets his coach, who in turn looks at looks at him and tells him, “You started slow or else you would have scored a 300”. It was a world record and still remains the highest ODI individual score.

  • What did one Rahul say to another Rahul in the Karnataka dressing room

KL Rahul has always looked up to Rahul Dravid as a kid. He got several opportunities to watch and learn from him. In the Karnataka dressing room, an eager Rahul went up to Dravid to ask him his secret to his success as an international player. Dravid’s advise was simple and sweet, he told him go out with friends and watch a movie. Take a break from cricket as it’s important for one to switch off and switch on. K L Rahul obviously din’t understand it then but now looking back he realizes that as kids we think that the only way to succeed is slog and struggle it off. But now he realizes the meaning around it.

  • When Parthiv Patel sledged Steve Waugh and he had to bear the brunt of it in the dressing room  

The great Australian batsman Steve Waugh was playing the last test of his illustrious test career in Sydney. It was the fourth in the series between India and Australia. Steve Waugh was waging a great battle to save his country from defeat. The 19-year old Indian wicket keeper Parthiv Patel, just a new entrant into international Cricket, told Steve Waugh from behind the wickets, “Come on Steve, just one more of your popular slog sweeps before you quit.” Steve Waugh turned back and replied, ”look buddy, show a bit of respect,  you were in nappies when I debuted eighteen years ago.” Later in the dressing room, the little Parthiv Patel was dressed up a little by his team mates, including Sachin Tendulkar for that unwanted comment against a great player called Steve Waugh.

  • What Shikhar Dhawan told himself on his debut against Australia

Shikhar Dhawan talks about how his nervousness was palpable as he walked out from the dressing room for his debut innings against a fearsome Australian attack. For thelongest time, he tried to hold back on his natural attacking style of batting. In spite of this, somehow he managed to get the ball to the ropes on a consistent basis. From back in the dressing room right onto the playing field, he even cussed at himself in his mind thinking, “Bhai aaram se khel. Mauka mila hai. Ganwaa na diyo tezi ke chakkar mein”. But apparently, as he puts it, “body maan nahin rahi thhi” so out on the field he decided to go aggressive & smart, not brash & rash.