Rafael Nadal is a legend of the tennis world and has ruled it alongside some greats for more than a decade. He is still going strong and looking to get more championships under his belt before he retires once and for all. He has represented his country Spain in various tournaments and has made them proud on numerous occasions. The Spanish government has decided to reward the excellent tennis icon with something only a few athletes around the world could have possibly thought of. The Spanish government has announced that from 2022, Nadal’s birthday will be celebrated as National Tennis Day in the country.

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Rafael Nadal is a twenty-time grand slam champion and has taken his country to five Davis Cup victories. He has won two gold medals at the Olympics, and one came in a singles tournament in 2008 while the other came in 2016 in a doubles tournament. The fans and media must be in doubt as to how this move was initiated and was announced. Earlier this month, the Roland Garros, one of the major grand slam competitions, was going on, and the Spanish media was covering the event. During a Nadal match against Richard Gasquet in the tournament, the live telecast was being shown on Eurosport. During the game, the Spanish media started discussing a tweet from former Spanish tennis player Jorge Mir Mayor. Mayor had suggested declaring June 3 – Rafael Nadal’s birthday – as ‘National Tennis Day.’ That soon attracted the attention of the Spanish media and officials, the latter of whom then tabled a proposal before the RFET. People might be wondering how this day might be celebrated starting next year. People can participate in some tennis activities around the country to create awareness amongst the people about the sport and the player. 

This is a great initiative taken by the Spanish officials and sends out a clear message that they reward great athletes who have served their country well.