A Neymar Jr. injury seems to be a regular occurrence now, unfortunately.

Last night, Paris Saint-Germain took on Lyon in the Ligue 1 match. During the match, player Thiago Mendes attempted to block Neymar, but ended up tackling him in a manner where Neymar’s ankle unfortunately got entangled, and suffered injuries. The Brazilian forward was carried out on a stretcher, crying, and clutching his ankle in agony.

Watch the video of the incident below:


“My tears were from the pain, desperation, fear and anxiety of surgery, crutches and other horrible memories. It could have been worse, but once again God spared me something more serious,” Neymar wrote on Instagram.


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Neymar’s father furiously reacted to the incident by ranting on social media.

Here’s the complete message that Neymar Sr wrote on his Instagram post as translated by Mirror:

“F***… how much longer? We have spoken about this so much, we have so underlined the excess of violence.

Why not stop it at the start, with the first foul, why wait until the 7th, 8th, 9th? We are not taking the necessary measures throughout the entire match, during which Neymar was the victim of a dozen fouls, always violent ones.

This encourages these type of players and attitudes. Continue like this and football will really lose a lot… FOR HOW MUCH LONGER WILL THE VICTIM BE THE ONE AT FAULT?

It is up to the person who controls the match, the person who has the opportunity to protect… ahh… What can we do? I hope that God looks after you.”



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Soon after,  Neymar sent a message to Lionel Messi as news broke that Paris Saint-Germain would face Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League. “We will see each other soon, friend,” the Brazilian wrote on Instagram.


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