The coronavrius pandemic has been affecting every aspect of our lives. The world of sports has been come to a complete halt and it looks like, it might stay like that for some time.

After the announcement of the IPL being canceled this year, cricket fans were curious about the future of other cricket events. But BCCI chief Sourav Ganguly shed some light on that with a new statement.

Ganguly was quoted as saying in The Times of India (TOI), “The social reality of Germany and India are different, there will be no cricket in India in the near future. There are too many ifs and buts involved. More importantly, I don’t believe in sport when there is a risk to human life,” stated the former left-hander.

Veteran off-spinner Harbhajan Singh also backed Ganguly and said, “When IPL teams travel, there’s a huge crowd at the airports, hotels, outside the stadium. How are you going to stop them if you are looking to maintain social distancing? There should be no top-flight cricket till there is a vaccine for COVID-19.”