The BCCI (Board of Cricket Council in India) is considered one of the most potent and influential cricket boards globally. They have this power because of the IPL and the depth of Indian cricket right now, which is unparalleled with any other country. This squad depth is also one of India’s main concerns as they don’t want the players left out to stop but to focus and give more than what’s required. Under the leadership of Virat Kohli, India has seen a rise in the players’ fitness levels, which was much needed to increase their efficiency during fielding and batting. But one thing the BCCI needs to improve upon is their communication with the players and the management, which is considered to be very faulty as of this moment.

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India has two teams that are currently on tours away from India. One is led by regular skipper Virat Kohli, leading the test team in England, and interim skipper Shikhar Dhawan is leading the other team in Sri Lanka for the White ball series. Shubman Gill, India’s first-choice opener alongside Rohit Sharma, has injured himself, and the injury has aggravated to such an extent that surgery is required. This has meant that Gill needs to come back to India for treatment. India certainly does have backups for him, but Virat and the management wrote to the BCCI a week ago about their situation and how they wanted two players to come to England. The Indian Team manager Girish Dongre wrote to the BCCI chairman of selectors, Chetan Sharma, on June 28, 2021. Virat and the management haven’t heard from the selection committee about this topic and feel the heat about this situation. The administration thinks that if they don’t want to send players, that’s fine, but this should be communicated. This would help the team and management believe in the current players and form an incredible XI.

This is one of the bizarre things that the fans have heard about the BCCI and the selection committee. This needs to change as it would only result in efficiency within the team and within the board. Such small things tend to matter a lot in the grand scheme of things.