The new Adidas Ultraboost 2021 is about taking a great, reliable running shoe and making it even better. The first Ultraboost was launched in 2015 with the tagline “The Greatest Running Shoe Ever.” The claim was backed by the performance of Boost Technology that went into the sneaker. The new sole with its hundreds of welded `energy capsules’ offered extra comfort in the form of a 20% energy return than the regular EVA rubber used in regular sneakers. 

Ultraboost has since gone on to become one of the highest-selling running shoes in the world. Small changes have continuously happened almost every year, with every new edition. This year, the focus is on raising the energy levels further to help runners go faster with lesser effort while remaining injury-free.

Besides the new colour palette, which is bolder and brighter, the 2021 version features 6% extra Boost foam which translates into more bounce and cushion. Next, you have the new LEP (Linear Energy Push) Torsion system, which revisits the classic Adidas performance tech but updates it for a better energy transfer and returns resulting in a springier and quicker toe-off. The extra cushion has considerably reduced the heel strike impact. However, I found the additional 6% Boost foam, which seems to be focused on midfoot and heel, to impede the mid-foot landing.

The heel rides low but didn’t feel lacking in support or unsteady in any manner. The wide footprint makes for a very gentle and stable landing. The shoe retains its lightweight DNA with new uppers, making it easy to pack away in an overnighter. Hence, it is great to carry when travelling (for those who are still travelling).

I loved the fluo-green and white uppers, though the white will be a pain to maintain. It makes the shoe look a lot less performance-focused and lends it some cred when worn with a pair of jeans.

One thing which remains appreciable is that the shoe is priced at around Rs 17,000, which is considerably lower than a few years ago when it was first launched. So, all in all, a great pair with all the latest tech and prowess, a lot of high energy bounce, easy on the knees, and built to keep one  injury-free, at a great price. 

The 2021 Ultraboost further reiterates why it remains such a hot favourite in most running  circles.