There’s no doubt about Yuzvendra Chahal’s skills as a bowler, but during the 2020 Indian Premiere League (IPL) Tournament, Chahal is in great form. And he managed to catch Sachin Tendulkar’s attention.

During the Royal Challengers Bangalore Vs. Chennai Super Kings, Tendulkar noted how Chahal used some incredible “chess-like” moves to stump MS Dhoni.

Tendulkar said, “When MS Dhoni came to bat then Chahal came in front of him. He gave the first ball in the arc of Dhoni and he effortlessly hit a six and that’s his strength. He changed the line on the next ball. He bowled it towards the leg-stump and also he kept the pace slow, expecting that it would take a top-edge and there will be a chance. MS Dhoni realised it and blocked the ball. but then he also started thinking. I think Chahal was playing chess with MS Dhoni, he was playing mind games.”

Further, Tendulkar explained that Dhoni anticipated a same length delivery on the next ball and so he moved a bit towards the leg-stump to get in line of the ball but Chahal bowled the ball towards off, putting Dhoni in a tough position. Chahal’s “mind game” resulted in Dhoni being unable to strike any power on the shot and was caught by Gurkeerat Singh on long-off.

“MS Dhoni then decided that he would move towards the leg-stump and come line with the ball to play that length on the next delivery but Chahal again used a chess move there and bowled the ball wide of MS Dhoni towards the off-stump. MS Dhoni had to stretch him to reach there, he reached the ball but ball hit in the bottom half of the bat and so he could not generate that power in the shot. Long-off fielder took a catch. These mind games between the two were interesting. Did not go on for long but it was good. Chahal it was a chess move.”