On Thursday, the cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar posted a few pictures remembering the day he played for the country for the very first time. The pictures posted, were from when Sachin stepped out on the pitch, and batted his heart out, knowing very well, that his shoulders now carry the entire country’s hopes on it. Its definitely not something every 18 year old out there can do. 

“This day, every year, brings back so many memories of the day I 1st represented India. It was an honour to play for the country and be able to represent India for 24 years,” he said in his tweet.

From a boy who spent his days practicing cricket in Mumbai’s Shivaji park, to playing in stadiums with a billion eyes on him, he really has come a long way. He isn’t just one of the greatest cricketers in the world, but is considered one of the greatest sporting icons of all time.

With an amazing set of pictures tweeted along with that perfect caption, Sachin really swinged this #ThrowbackThursday post right out the park.