Sachin Tendulkar

This Is Who Sachin Tendulkar Is Supporting In The 2018 World Cup

Here’s what Sachin Tendulkar tweeted about the 2018 FIFA World Cup

The World Cup fever has taken everybody by storm, as it always does every four years. Many fans on social media opine that this year’s FIFA belongs to the underdogs. While England’s game has been solid and ruthless, it was shocking for many to see the team make it so far.

And Sachin Tendulkar, our very own cricketing legend is here for it. Here’s what he tweeted:


“Guys, this time I’m backing England,” Tendulkar says in the video, throwing a cricket ball in the air and catching it, before kicking a football at the screen and going “in football!”

“The stats show Southgate’s men have reached the semi-finals through hard work, organisation and playing to their strengths,” writes Sachin Nakrani for The Guardian and looks like Tendulkar agrees.