Long-range goals were hard to come by in the 20th century, but that has taken a change for the better in the 21st century. We have started seeing a long list of goals from outside the box and from unheard-of ranges. A similar goal was scored yesterday by Patrick Schick against Scotland in the second half of their first group game of the Euros. That goal is now being considered for the Puskas award, and such was the range and finish of the goal. Today we look at the five most memorable long-range goals of all time. 

5) Cristiano Ronaldo 

Whenever long-range goals come into question, one name that you know will be Cristiano Ronaldo. He has scored tons of goals from outside the box, and we can make a list of his top goals from long range. One of his best strikes was against Porto in the Champions League Quarterfinals in 2007. The goalkeeper was left stunned because of that shot, and no one could have possibly imagined that he could have scored this goal. But Ronaldo has proved himself, his teammates, and the opponents wrong so many times.

4) Tim Howard 

We assure you that this is not a list of saves. This is of long-range goals scored by players. Tim Howard, the former Everton goalkeeper, scored one of the most extended goals in football history from more than 90 yards. Goalkeepers scoring goals is a rare occasion but scoring from this far out is nothing less than extraordinary. It was one of the season’s goals, and it came off a goal kick which makes it even bizarre for the opposition team who conceded the goal.

3) Wayne Rooney 

Wayne Rooney, one of the great icons of the football game and England, scored one of the past decade’s best long-range goals against West Ham. This was a memorable goal as he scored from the half-line mark, and the goalkeeper was nowhere near the goal. The execution and the finish from this far out have to be appreciated, and the goal was watched by David Beckham, whom we’ll talk about later in this article.

2) Marcus Rashford

One of the new kids on the blocks, Marcus Rashford, has already edged his name into his country’s history books and has served his country more often than not. He scored one of the best goals of his career in 2019 against Chelsea in the carabao cup quarter-finals. He scored this banger of a goal from forty yards out. It was a knuckleball shot, and the ball sailed into the top left corner of the goal. It is still considered to be one of the goals of the decade.

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1) David Beckham

One of the football game icons, David Beckham, scored arguably one of the most important goals of football history when he scored this goal from the halfway line against Wimbledon. Nobody would have imagined this goal in their wildest dreams. Beckham proved everyone wrong again and was awarded the goal of the season for this great goal. He scored some fantastic free-kicks as well, but this goal stands out.

These long-range goals have been edged in our memories for a long time now, and the Patrick Schick goal yesterday indeed gave us goosebumps. These goals will be remembered for a long time now.