Sri Lankan Cricket was considered to be once the powerhouse of cricket on and off the field. But lately, whenever any controversy or drama happens, Sri Lankan Cricket and its players seem to be constantly involved. Recently, three main players of their squad were banned for a year for breaching bio-bubble rules. Today, the news that came out is that the Sri Lankan batting coach, Grant Flower, has tested positive for Covid -19, just days before starting the white ball series against India.

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Sri Lankan players and staff just returned home after their horrible tour against England. The Sri Lankan team was annihilated and were battered in every game. They didn’t even possess a fight for the English, and the hosts just breezed over the Sri Lankans. Earlier this week, seven English squad members tested positive, which meant that the whole team had to go through further rounds of testing and had to isolate themselves. Since Grant Flower, the Sri Lankan batting coach, has now tested positive for Covid-19, it is assumed that the coach must have been in close contact with the England squad members, and it might have spread from there vice-versa. Sri Lanka is set to take on India in a three-match ODI series and three-match T20 series. All the squad members had to go through a round of testing and had to get a negative result to fit the series. No positive results except for Flower have been reported back till now, and the series looks likely to go ahead.

The new update about the series that has just come in is that the series has been postponed by a few more days and the series is now set to start next Saturday, July 17, 2021 instead of July 13, 2021. This news comes hours after another positive test came in the Sri Lankan camp.

India goes in as favourites into this series even with a new string side put to the test. India doesn’t have white ball regulars Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, KL Rahul, Jasprit Bumrah, and Rishabh Pant, amongst others. The series shouldn’t be a problem for them since they still have experienced players in the line-up who are known to get the job done when needed.