For a tournament of this magnitude, proper planning is a pre-requisite for smooth execution. However, there have been so many gaffes in this edition, that it makes us think, “What are the organizers smoking?”

Firstly, the umpires have been horrendous. A lot of decisions have gone wrong, and it makes us want to start a petition to introduce DRS into the tournament from next season. It’s extremely irritating when you are supporting a team, and an umpiring howler changes the complexion of the game.

Then, there was a brainfade moment during an SRH vs MI match, where David Warner retained the strike even after hitting a boundary of the last ball. David Warner, an international cricketer didn’t notice it. The umpires didn’t notice it. The opposition didn’t notice it. Really, what were they all doing? Do they just come to bat because they’ve been paid money or do they take their job seriously?

Even Ravi Shastri, who is usually a brilliant presenter, goofed up badly during a presentation ceremony. He forgot to announce the man of the match award. One of the main reasons why a presentation ceremony is held. Was it because there was some backstage confusion or was Shastri just tired?

Finally, the mother of all gaffes. During a KKR game at Eden Gardens, a seductress in black asked the umpires to choose between apples and cricket balls. A sorry sight for everyone who has been following the tournament. As it is we are sick of sponsored sixes and boundaries, strategic timeouts and jerseys with 20 logos. If the organisers goof up with other things also, it’ll be hard to remain an enthusiast for long.