MS Dhoni, Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli are undoubtedly some of the biggest names in modern day cricketing history. Tendulkar aka Master Blaster is considered to be one of the greatest batsmen of all time and Kohli is known to be one of India’s most strategic and zealous captains ever. MS Dhoni is applauded for his cool nature, performance as batsmen and a wicket-keeper, while also being celebrated as the captain that helped India win the World Cup in 2011.

It’s tough to pick a clear winner from this trio, but cricketing legend and announcer Sunil Gavaskar believes Dhoni’s popularity surpasses that of Tendulkar and Kohli.

“Since MSD comes from Ranchi, which doesn’t have a cricket culture as such, the whole India loves him. Tendulkar has Mumbai and Kolkata, Kohli has Delhi and Bengaluru but when you talk of Dhoni it’s the whole India,” Gavaskar said before the start of the IPL 2020 opener between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings in Abu Dhabi.