Harbhajan Singh and controversy can’t stay away from each other for too long. He is arguably the cricketer to be involved in most disputes and dramas on and off the field. He has already been involved in the monkey gate incident with Andrew Symonds, then slapped Sreesanth after an IPL game had ended. These are the significant controversies he has been involved in, but there are other things he has done as well. He has conflicted with opponents, had fought within the teams and with the head coach. 

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It is another day, and Harbhajan has been involved in another controversy. On June 6, 2021, he posted a story on his Instagram handle, in which he paid respect to Bhindranwale on the anniversary of the infamous Bluestar Operation. He posted a story that had a picture of Khalistani terrorists, indicating his motive behind posting it. Although he didn’t specifically mention this in the story, the intention can be identified pretty easily. As soon as he posted it, the people’s outrage began as the operation was a scar in Indian and political history. The then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi ordered Operation Bluestar to remove the Khalistani terrorists sitting in the basement of the Golden Temple in Amritsar, Punjab. It was a massacre out there as the holy place turned into a war zone and bloodshed all over. As per the Indian Government, three soldiers were killed, and two hundred forty-nine were injured. Four hundred ninety-three extremists or civilians were killed, eighty-six were wounded, and one thousand five hundred ninety-three were arrested. But these figures are considered disputed. This was a dark time in Indian history. Now, that a famous cricketer like Harbhajan Singh, who everyone looks up to, supports such a movement and praying his tributes to it is shameful. The story that he posted can be seen down below.

Image Credit: Swarajya

After the outrage, he deleted his story and was sorry for the remarks that he had posted on his handle. Today, he publicly apologized for his actions and promised that any Anti-India movement wouldn’t be supported by him anymore, and he would stay committed to his promise. It remains to be seen now how long he can keep this promise and the subsequent controversy he will be involved in. 

Image Credit: DNA India