We woke up to the news of Serena Williams being pregnant, and our respect for the woman has grown even more. Serena said that she has been pregnant for 20 weeks, which means that she won the Australian Open final against her sister Venus Williams with a baby inside her. It’s amazing, and we hope that Serena has a long and fruitful life ahead.

To celebrate this good news, we decided to look back at some unforgettable moments from her career.

Winning her 23rd Grand Slam

Every Grand Slam win is memorable, and Serena Williams has broken all records in singles tennis by winning 23 of them. She has won all the four major titles (US Open, French Open, Wimbledon and Australian Open) over a long time – 18 years. Her first title came in 1999, and her last in 2017.

Her Bikini photoshoot with Sports Illustrated

As the most successful women’s tennis player of all time, Serena Williams doesn’t need to turn to modelling. But, she loves doing it. And after watching her hot photoshoot with Sports Illustrated, we are not complaining.

Tiff with Maria Sharapova

“And, hey, if she wants to be with the guy with a black heart, go for it,” Serena said in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine. Clearly, she was referring to Grigor Dimitrov who she was dating. Sharapova didn’t respond kindly to the comment, and the matches between them after that always had some personal pride at stake. Fortunately for Serena, she mostly got the better of Maria on the tennis court.

Saree faux-pas in India

Way back in 2008, Serena and her sister Venus surprised us by wearing sarees. Unfortunately, we didn’t like the look at all, and really wish we could unsee it.