France vs. Switzerland was arguably one of the best games at the Euros this year. It was full of drama, passion, and intensity. Fans were going bizarre all around the world. Penalties, extra-time, last-minute equalizers are stuff that fans love to watch. Without fans, such things wouldn’t matter, and the last twelve months since the pandemic began has indeed told us that football without fans is not football. The fans’ passion brings to the stadium, and the fans’ voice is unique and acts as a twelfth man for the team. Such an enthusiastic Swiss fan got viral during their game against France in the Euros Round of 16.

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Luca Loutenbach is the name of the fan who became famous during the match. He was shown on camera twice, and both emotions were of contrasting nature. The first time he was shown on camera, his hands were on his face, and Switzerland was losing by a goal to France, and not much time was left. Then two minutes later, Switzerland equalized, and he was celebrating with his t-shirt off and as if Switzerland had won a World cup. But in all sense, it was the emotions of a fan whose team completed the big upset over France and knocked them out of the competition. Since then, his video and photos have become viral on the internet, and people are using him and his pictures as a meme template. He has received unique treatments from various other places as well. Swiss Airline “Swiss Air” offered him a free ticket to the quarter-finals between Switzerland and Spain in Russia today. One of the companies offered him its energy drink, the name of the energy drink has not been specified anywhere as of now, but it appears that it is a local brand. The last of his luxuries is that the Swiss Tourist Office offered him a free vacation at the end of the Euros, in a place of his choice. Just two photos and a video that went viral on social media speak a lot about how the world has progressed technologically.

Since he will be going for the match between the Swiss and the Spanish in Saint-Petersburg today, it remains to be seen if he’ll celebrate the victory or the loss similar to what he did in the previous day. But Luca Loutenbach is indeed having the time of his life at the moment.

Image Credit: USA Today