The NBA All-Star weekend just ended and I am still recovering from it. That amazing slam-dunk contest, Jason Tatum’s half-court basket and an unforgettable J. Cole performance was all you expect for an all-star weekend. But as a person who loves basketball and loves repping my favourite team and player’s jersey, one thing that stood out to me was the smart jersey that was showcased by Adam Silver.

I invested in a Lebron James Cavaliers jersey and just a few months later, he was off to the Lakers. That’s just how the game works. But you won’t have to worry about that anymore because the smart jersey that unvieled can change the name and number on the jersey just by using your phone. 

It all takes place through an app that lets you put in the name and number you want to change it to and voila, just like that, its done. No details were given on how it technically works or if it will ever be available any time soon.

The piece of smart clothing was revealed during the NBA All-Start Technology Summit. Along with smart jerseys, holographic cheerleaders, entrance into games through facial recognition and many more game-related technological advances were showcased. 

Take a look at the demo below: