We bet you didn’t know at least half of these tips.

Good shoe trees are hard to find, but a determined man will always get his shoe tree, generally made of cedar. They can cost a pretty penny, but they will ensure that your shoes retain their shape.

If your shoes get alarmingly wet, stuff them with newspaper as soon as you get into the office or house. Newspapers or towels suck out the moisture.

Always shine your shoes yourself.

Be friendly with your neighbourhood cobbler. Often, a good resoling job can breathe new life into a gallant pair.

For suede shoes, get a suede eraser to remove dirt marks, and a suede brush.

Patent leather shoes come with their own set of lotions, creams and mousses.

Shoes should be cleaned before being polished. A damp cloth is the best way to go about it. Use a welt brush to get rid of the dirt that gets embedded into the space between your sole and the upper.

If your job involves a lot of travel, get fabric bags instead of squeezing different pairs into your suitcase.

Always use a shoe horn when wearing your shoes.

Don’t wear the same pair of shoes to work every day. Shoes need rest, too.

You don’t need too much polish, but make sure you give it a nice rub. And don’t wear your shoes immediately after polishing. Polish usually takes about five minutes to dry.