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3 Easy Ways To Include The Timeless Camo Print In Your Wardrobe

Lesson 101 on wearing the military print

When it comes to wearing camouflage prints, there isn’t a black and white trick to get it right. On one hand taking the risqué route of head to toe camo can make you look like you are out on the streets for war and on the other not baring enough goes unnoticed. One really needs to bring it down to what suits their style aesthetic and play around with this timeless print that never really fades away. Lucky for you we have brought it down to three easy ways you can master the craft of wearing camo without being too in-your-face about it. 

The New Age Camo Way 

“God is in the details,” said Ludwig Mies van der Rohe when designing buildings but the phrase holds equal relevance in fashion too. Sticking to these words we say your best bet is the GAS printed round neck t-shirt that can be styled in numerous ways or the Moda Rapido shirt when paired with well-fitted trousers. The Nike sweatshirt with camo shoulders too works great when laid back casual is the look you are going for.

Nike Men Black Sporty Jacket
GAS Men Grey Printed Round Neck T-shirt
Moda Rapido Men Grey Printed Casual Shirt

The Sole Statement Way 

It works best with the statement makers who aren’t afraid of the judgments thrown at them for wearing camo. The way to go about it is simpler than you think. Opt for a camo piece and pair it up with subdued classics for the right balance. You can go about picking the Adidas camo sweatshirt or Celio’s slim fit shirt and pair it up with dark wash denim jeans. Another way around is to pick the Jack & Jones joggers and team it up with fresh kicks.  

Adidas Originals Camo Printed Hooded Sweatshirt
Celio Men Slim Fit Camouflage Casual Shirt
Jack & Jones
FOREVER 21 Men Rust Red & Black Printed Round Neck T-shirt



The Accessory Play 

This is the easiest way out for men trying the camo print for the first time and do not intend to dive all the way in. There are tons of accessories to play with be it sneakers, wallets, backpacks or even a little peek-a-boo with your socks. Our top picks are the Reebok classic runners, the Superdry backpack, the United Colors Of Benetton cap and the WROGN espadrilles that add the hint of camo sans the forest drama that follows. 

Reebok Classic Men Green ZOKU Runner MF Camouflage Pattern Sneakers
Superdry backpack
WROGN Men Olive Green Camouflage Print Espadrilles
United Colors Of Benetton