Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna, couturiers extraordinaire, give you the lowdown on how to dress this summer.


The new white, edgy sophistication is summer’s new mantra, and metallics are the new minimalistic chic. 


Don’t be afraid of a looser silhouette. When paired with the right accessories, they make for a dressy yet fuss-free summer look.


Experiment with different hues. Summer is all about reinventing and rejuvenating yourself, so don’t be afraid to include the pastel palette in your wardrobe this season.


Don’t forget your formal wear. Simply because it’s summer, and your winter wardrobe is in the trunk that doesn’t give you the excuse to dress down.


Embrace the prints. Chic and elegant prints are the perfect summer uniform, so pair them with the right accessories and the look can go from day to night in a matter of minutes.


Reinvent your summer wardrobe by investing in the correct summer jacket. Perfect for the office or a night out on the town, the jacket doesn’t belong to the season of winter any more.


This is the most important commandment of them all. Be confident in your own skin. It is the man that wears the clothes, not the other way around, so be confident, bold and sexy and you’re ready to conquer this summer.