Avid shoppers who like buying themselves a little something every month would do well to check out Pepperbox. It’s the first men’s box introduced by a subscription service called Sugarbox, which sends you a box full of knick-knacks, accessories, cosmetics and more every month.

We checked out their first offering, which threw up a bunch of surprises. The comfy and colourful Hulk and Superman socks were absolute favourites, and the aeroplane cufflinks a quirky yet wearable formal option. There’s also a fedora we wouldn’t really use, a bottle of Gatorade that adds little value, and some useful tech in the form of a pen drive and a power bank. The mini B Blunt Total Control hair wax is a decent product to round off the list.

The Pepperbox team claims that the actual value of these products is in excess of Rs 5000. Our estimate is a tad lower, but definitely a lot higher than the box’s selling price of Rs 2,299.

Sugarbox founder Niharika Jhunjhunwala says that the success of the female version, and umpteen requests to start a men’s edition, led to the launch of Pepperbox. Ask what’s coming up, and she prefers to keep that a surprise, only saying that there will be something for everyone.