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Actor Arfi Lamba On How To Make A Style Statement

From style tips to how to dress yourself for special occasions, the actor tells you how to get it right.

  • Personal style should be synonymous with comfort. You will never be able to pull off something you are not comfortable in.
  •  Don’t blindly follow trends. A trend works only if it works for you.
  • There are a few brands I love, but I am not necessarily religious about them. I always keep an eye out for interesting design trends and silhouettes. The price point is not as important as quality, cut, fit and comfort.

  • I think we should always adhere to classics — but with a twist. It is no fun if you don’t play around with textures, elements and colours.
  • I try to strike a fine balance between impulse and caution as a shopper.
  • It is important to learn how to get your basics right. Learn how to tie a proper dress tie and bow-tie knots; how to differentiate different kinds of shoes and how to take care of them; and how to fold a pocket square for different styles of jackets.

  • Get your clothes tailored, because off-the-rack will never fit as well. A man’s relationship with his tailor is quite an important one.
  • Invest in Indian wear as much as — if not more — than the usual western formals. A good bandhgala is much smarter than a suit. Just look at the country’s royals. Try out kurtas instead of polo tees. They are more comfortable and will help you stand out.
  • Play with accessories. Sunglasses, wristbands, some simple cords around the neck, ties and socks. They are a fantastic extension of your personality.
  • Understand clothing lengths and work them correctly. Don’t pair a longline shirt with a longline jacket. Check online and see what people are doing for style inspiration.
  • Don’t be edgy or push boundaries just for the heck of it, but always try to add a little bit of yourself in your outfit, because that will help you own the look.

  • Your wardrobe should definitely have a black kurta, a pair of classic blue jeans that fit well, wacky socks and a good linen shirt.
  • Explore your fragrance identity and stick to it. A man is remembered by how he smells.
  •  If you are following the beard trend, make sure you groom yourself. Unkempt beards are not sexy.
  • Indian men should shop according to their tummy sizes. If you have a wide equator, buy shirts that accommodate the same. No one likes to see buttons stretching to their deaths.

Photography: Ankita Nevrekar

Hair & Makeup: Rachana Gupta