Even as you read this, sneakerheads are lining up to get their hands on the latest launch of Adidas Originals, the P.O.D-S3.1, which will hit the market tomorrow. This cool pair juxtaposes the past with the future; it simultaneously harkens back to the 90s when Adidas Originals first sported the Point of Deflection (P.O.D.) system but also incorporates their latest Boost foam. It has a retro, knitted textile top neatly contrasted with structural in-built overlays and an oversized brand-flash tab on the back. Even the two-tone monochrome colour scheme is Yin-Yang all the way.

Although this comes ticketed as a lifestyle launch, the shoe in itself is quite technically sound. The popular heel block has Boost foam incorporated into it and connects to the EVA-cushioned front through a more advanced version of their famed Torsion system of yesteryears.  What this does is make the heel and forefoot independent, allowing them more multi-directional (lateral) movement even as the generously rounded heel slab provides the necessary stability.

What the refined vertical lines running the length of the shoe along the arch and midsole region then do is create a seamless transfer of energy from the heel to the toe, making for a quick lift-off in every stride. Simply put, it all works to put a spring in your step.

The outsole is substantially stiff and, from the little time I have had with the preview pair, appeared grippy (and durable) enough to take on more than just an urban outing. Overall lightweight with ample cushioning and a slick monochrome silhouette, this could be a great pair for away trips when one wishes for a pair that’s superior enough for an easy 10k and also cool enough to merit sneaker-envy. I am sure other colourways may follow and, if you are still here reading this (instead of making a beeline to the marketplace) then you might as well be left waiting for the next round!