From college classrooms to start up work places, t-shirts have come a long way from being just something worn casually. Style them right and you have a hit style trend to make a statement with.

Don’t wear horizontal stripes, they said? Bold stripes are too distracting, they said? Ignore them. Bold summer stripes are hot this season. Pair them intelligently with skinny denims and pick up a shirt in plaid for an added layer. If you want to play ball afterwards, just tie it around your waist. Simple. Sneakers and a cool fanny pack finish the look.

Your wardrobe’s missing the skater punk vibe it needs this summer. Text T-shirts, blue denims and easy sneakers are definitely a hit. Put on a plaid shirt in bright colours for the right kind of street cred. Or tie it around your waist. No one cares. You do you, dude.

Bold prints on bright colours will never go out of style. Don’t play it down or blend in the crowd – it’s time to show off your rebellious side and wear whatever you want to. Now is the time to have fun with your wardrobe before you settle into formal shirts and dinner jackets. NUON’s wide collection of printed T-shirts should definitely be the go-to option for your wardrobe. Pair them with slim, dark denims, a cool cap and slides for the perfect IDGAF look this season.



Styled by Nuon, available exclusively at Westside.