Chanel has finally unveiled a new sustainable cap for perfume bottles.

The French fashion house spent two years developing the sustainable cap, made with Finland’s Sulapac. The cap took two years and 47 previous prototypes with the new biodegradable cap being made of 91 per cent plant-based materials, giving a sleek black look along with the satin touch.

According to a statement, the fashion house listed criteria for the cap, which included, ‘the unique sound the bottle makes when the cap is put on, the grip, and the depth of the satiny matte finish on the iconic double C engraving.’ The cap will be used for all 125-millilitre bottles of the Les Eaux de Chanel collection of fragrances.


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Suvi Haimi, the CEO of Sulapac, explained that while the development was a necessary step in tackling global pollution, it also demonstrated that alternatives to fossil-based plastics can be produced at scale.  Haimi continued, “It’s a message to other industries that sustainable plastic alternatives can meet the most rigorous standards. The big revolution is that you no longer need to use plastic.”

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