Previously, China was required to test products such as shampoo, moisturiser, perfume and others on animals. Now, all that is coming to an end.

Last year China’s National Medical Product Administration began implementing regulations allowing brands to enter the Chinese market without having to resort to animal testing. This move has been approved by the Chinese government that will see a major progress in future. PETA has provided the initial funding to  train Chinese scientists and inform government officials about modern, non-animal methods.

In 2012, PETA exposed the fact that some formerly cruelty-free companies had quietly started paying the Chinese government to test their products on animals in order to sell them in that country. At the time, animal tests were required for any cosmetics sold in China.

After the expose, the government began accepting the results of non-animal test methods for non-special use cosmetics manufactured in China.

It is a possibility that pandemic might have set back few changes to regulations, but it is a main agenda and soon a 51.3 billion pound market could open to international cosmetics and skincare brands.