After owning 2020 with the release of the Zig Kinetica and its unique colourways, Reebok is back with the Horizon collection, to add a splash of colour to the Zig collection.

The pairs in the collection still retain the best of the Zig Kinetica, including the energy return sole, feather comfort and the eye-catching, bold design. But in terms of hardware, the Horizon collection also packs some brand-new upgrades. The shoes now come equipped with an updated three-part energy return system that provides better responsiveness, stability and comfort. In the style department, the Horizon collection aims to grab even more eyeballs than before with the help of brand-new colourways and design choices.


The pair is an absolute stunner to look at. While Reebok has always found proud place with efficiency and shoe performance, they haven’t had a statement fashion piece till now. The Zig Kinetica Horizon rectifies that. A fantastic medley of colours, the shoe is a statement piece by itself, and can easily become the star of any outfit. Pair it with casual athleisure, semi-casual day or night wear, and even formals, if you are ready to be risqué. An all-black slick formal outfit with these shoes for the right kind of punch, maybe? This one is definitely one of the most fashion forward pieces from Reebok.



Performance-wise, there are no complains at all. The pair is outrageously comfortable and light, in spite of looking chunky. It allows for great daily wear without tiring you out. Everyday activities are a breeze in the pair. Also, the design and the materials – especially the mesh upper – allow fantastic breathability, like most Reebok pairs, which is a much-needed factor in India. But the shoe shows off its actual strengths when it is taken out for a run. The comfort and seamlessness of the shoe, the cushioning inside, and the fact that it is compact yet spacious, are huge benefits that regular runners will definitely appreciate. The mid-sole cushioning and the stretchable outsole – two factors that form the foundation of the Reebok’s Zig Kinetica – play the most important roles in absorbing pressure, allowing speed pick up, and delivering excellent responsiveness. The mid-sole helps in effectively utilising energy by boosting energy returns from every foot strike, while the outsole expands and contracts on demand, helping the runner push forward. Is this the best looking and most efficient shoe Reebok has dropped till date? Maybe.