Increasingly, at the core of designing clothes today, lies the need to be sustainable, and hence ethical fashion is the reigning zeitgeist. There are multiple ways clothing brands can achieve this, either by practicing sustainable ways of making a garment or using fabrics that are recycled or reused. However, a common misconception of sustainability being heavy on the wallet has been tossed around long enough. Busting this myth, a unique collaboration between Diesel and Coca-Cola has shaped up, not only providing clothing for everyday wear but also coming with the bragging rights of saving the environment.



The unisex collection, developed from recycled plastic bottles, offers a fresh, modern interpretation to work-wear aesthetics. The warp of the fabric is entirely composed of recycled polyster (PES) derived from post-consumer plastic bottles which amounts to 38% of the total fabric. The remaining 62% of the fabric is made of recycled cotton. The collection uses sustainable dyeing, which reduces water usage by 50% compared to standard dyeing processes.





This Diesel X Coca-Cola collaboration features 12 key pieces, spanning across t-shirts, hoodies and denim jackets. Giving the 90s’ and oversized clothing a big nod, the denim jackets come with red stitching detail, emblazoned with the iconic Coca-Cola logo while the T-shirts feature combined logos. This collaboration is a fabulous marriage of two brands with contrasting aesthetics but the message they now want to convey is identical. While Diesel has been known for provoking its audience with irony, bold statements and its ability to challenge conformity, Coca-Cola has always celebrated togetherness and a message of universal happiness and inclusivity. This collection ties in both brand’s communication in a neat sustainable package.