With everything moving towards androgyny and genderless silhouettes, the menswear fashion space has been expanding widely over the last couple of seasons. High fashion houses and other independent designers have been introducing collections, which are unique as compared to regular silhouettes and it’s a win-win situation for men. 

Now, for the very first time, Elie Saab included menswear looks at this year’s Paris Haute Couture Week. The designer unveiled eight looks during his womenswear showcase, expanding his creative horizons. By the looks of it, we can assume that this might be the beginning of menswear couture for the brand. 

Dubbed ‘The Beginning of Twilight,’ the collection opened with eight models strutting down the runway in extravagant, floor-sweeping and voluminous capes with majestic shoulder lines that exhibited a masculine dominance in layers of intricate multicolour pieces. 

One of the standout capes featured feathers with heavy colours such as blacks and reds with hints of embellishments in velvet fabrics. The others included sequin and beaded embellishments in the shades of black, gold and rusty brown. Other highlights of the menswear were the dramatic coats and voluminous jackets. 

For womenswear, the models walked in sheer gowns heavily adorned with beadwork, glitter, coloured stones and neck ornaments. The colour palette consisted of vibrant reds, pinks, blues and greys with tulle being a common feature. 

Elie Saab is known for its tulle and embellished gowns that have often debuted on the red carpet and been donned by famous A-listers, such as Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lopez, Sandra Bullocks and Angelina Jolie. Indian celebrities to have worn the couturier’s designs include, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Sonam Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra.