What is the best kind of white shirt — plain, herringbone, light checks etc?

A 120s+ 2-ply cotton shirt with texture (herringbone/honeycomb/birdseye weave) has personality. Plain white shirts are infinite and don’t stand out in a crowd. Fabrics with texture will generally also have a little more weight, thus enabling them to fall better than their plain poplin counterparts.

Do anti-wrinkle shirts really work?

Absolutely — some better than others. The trick is to buy pure cotton anti-wrinkle shirts, where fabric quality has not been compromised and the necessary finishing process has been used to make the fabric more resilient. What people don’t realise is that more often than not, anti-wrinkle fabrics are cotton polyester blends. The polyester in the mix has the anti-wrinkling property, but polyester does not breathe, making for a much more uncomfortable experience. The garment will trap your body heat inside it and cause you to sweat.

What’s the most versatile kind of collar?

The spread collar. Worn open on a solid colour shirt, it’s not as bold as a cutaway, but a little more understated. On casual fabrics, it doesn’t look out of place. Finally, if worn with a tie, it serves the job of a classic collar, while adding the panache of a cutaway.

I’ve just spilt coffee all over my best white shirt. What is the best, no-BS method to get it clean?

White petrol. Dry cleaning, as the name suggests, uses chemical agents on garments in a dry environment (not soaked in water). They usually have the requisite chemicals to remove stains caused from things like coffee or red wine. So your safest bet is to get to your nearest dry cleaner and grab an express service, if you need your shirt back in a hurry.