How do you define fashion?

For me, fashion is life. It’s like living beautifully. It is something that enhances my mood and makes me feel good within. For me, dressing should not be for the sake of fashion; it should be for us, and for our own happiness.

What was your last purchase?

I recently bought a fuchsia pink wallet that I love. It is spacious and has become my go-to accessory for any occasion.

Do you prefer tailored or off the rack?

Bespoke, always. It is better to go with bespoke clothing that is created from scratch, especially for you. What can fit you better than something made exclusively for you, according to your measurements and style?

Which designers do you consider your favourites?

Alexander McQueen, Yohji Yamamoto and Christian Dior are my favourites. By just seeing their collections, you will know who has designed them.

What do you think of men’s jewellery?

Gone are the days when accessory options were only limited to women. Today’s men are accessory fanatics. They love to enhance their look either by wearing a bow tie, tie, brooch, lapel pin and pocket square. I personally love wearing earrings.

Are you a fan of watches?

Watches are a great fashion statement. I consider Ulysse Nardin and Patek Philippe among my favourite brands.

Describe the perfect suit.

A perfect suit is the one that fits, well, perfectly. Baggy trousers, drooping shoulders or even extremely tight fits present a very grim sight. Thus it is advised to always go for bespoke rather than ready-made suits. Also, opt for colours that go well with your personality and the occasion.

Which casual and formal items must every man own?

Casually, a good pair of jeans completes your wardrobe. When it comes to formals, one must own a tuxedo.

What is your favourite shopping destination in India and abroad?

New Delhi is the fashion capital of India and is always up-to-date when it comes to the latest trends. You find everything here. Globally, I would pick Milan – a city that has given birth to many international brands.

What is one piece of style advice you would give all men?

Men should be more open to embracing new styles and trends.

What goes into maintaining your hair and/or beard?

Using the best of professional products is what I would suggest. Acqua di Parma is my personal favourite.