Bally_01_1366Bally: A collection which looked right out of a Wes Anderson movie, Bally incorporated a healthy dose of colour with a variety of leather accessories, which is what their forte is.

MARC0041Burberry Prorsum: Paisleys, florals, fringed shawls, ponchos and mirror embroidery – Christopher Bailey went bohemian with this collection to portray a man who’s influenced by his recent travels.

DIO_1029Dior Homme: While tailored denims were the showstoppers of the show, really long coats and winter florals were interesting additions.

PHOTO © 2015 TEAM PETER STIGTER FILENAME IS DESIGNER NAME FALL/WINTER 2015Dolce & Gabanna: The designers’ love for the concept of a family came across strongly in this collection in the form of prints of family photographs on T-shirts and jumpers. Yes, they were that literal.

ARM_0061Giorgio Armani: If you want to know what luxury looks like, then Giorgio Armani’s collection would be the epitome of it – impeccable tailoring and fine fabrics married extremely well with accessories like lush stoles, fur scarves and headgears.

_MON0083Givenchy: Male models in FKA Twigs inspired hairstyles – dark, gothic and mysterious was the mood of the show. The long and black (pinstripes) suits would definitely have Kanye West’s nod of approval.

OWE_0427Rick Owens: What better way to show your manhood by well, showing your manhood? Rick Owens’ collection featured men dressed in drape-y togas with holes and gapes strategically placed around the crotch. Publicity stunt? Media frenzy? Well, it did give birth to a new popular hashtag #freethepeen.

KIM_0013Maison Margiala: You could see that evident Galliano touch in the collection – Glossy slick coats, collars with sheering details teamed up with high-waisted trousers, double-breasted suits and classic buttoned-up shirts. That show just gave way to a new era in fashion history.

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