Shit Model Management is run by an anonymous model, has been fightingg to highlight the wrongdoings in the industry by way of sharing stories of discrimination and broadcasting the aftermath on young model’s minds.

Recently, they launched a petition demanding that fashion designers increase their standard sample size from zero to four to at least six to eight. The model who runs the account conducted a poll among 4,481 followers, and 65 percent of whom said they had an eating disorder as a direct result of modeling expectations. Another poll answered by 4,019 followers revealed that 84 percent have been told they must lose weight in order to work as a model. “0-4, the size that models are being forced to maintain, is not what the models themselves are saying is their own healthy, natural weight,” the petition reads. “The required measurements of a high fashion model is 32” bust, 24” waist, 34” hip, and height ranging from 5’9”-6’0”. For someone of this tall stature to be these tiny measurements, they must be around 110 pounds,” it continues, pointing out that attaining those measurements in a healthy way is virtually impossible.

“To ask every single high fashion model to be that same size no matter height, body type, etc. is inhumane,” Shit Model Management raises. “My proposal of a new standard of sample sizes is a step forward into regulating safety in the modeling industry.”


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I’m tired of seeing my model counterparts wither away from eating disorders due to DESIGNERS’ standards. It is UNREALISTIC to force models who are about SIX FEET TALL to be 115 POUNDS. It is killing us. I’m tired of designers asking us to SHRINK our bodies to UNNATURAL states. This needs to stop. There are absolutely no regulations that are followed in the modeling industry so I guess I’m gonna make my fucking own. But I can’t do this alone. model fam, sign and share this petition and let’s demand change!!!! It’s time to hold designers accountable for the damage they’re causing. Hopefully they will listen. We’ll be watching and waiting and signing. Love you all SO MUCH. LINK TO PETITION IN BIO. ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️#shittystandards #MODELUPRISING. (don’t donate to, if u want to donate, give to @neda !!)

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