Canali has been synonymous with Italian elegance, style, and excellence in luxury men’s wear and fine tailoring for over 85 years. Premium quality and precision artisanship have always been the guiding elements behind its product philosophy. And importantly, as it has expanded around the world, the brand has mastered the art of balancing local cultural heritage and taste with its inherent Made in Italy savoir-faire.

So it is not surprising that that the brand has been at the forefront of reinterpreting and elevating the traditional Indian bandhgala suit in its modern avatar. It first launched the Nawab collection as a way to pay tribute to the rich culture and heritage of the country. Inspired by Indian royalty, the collection gets a successful reinterpretation year after year.

The Nawab collection is designed keeping the Indian gentleman in mind, he who appreciates tradition and has an eye for contemporary style and luxury. The collection fuses the two worlds of Indian heritage and Italian tailoring for modern-day royalty. From classic suits to Nawab jackets, each piece in the collection offers unmatched tailoring and a feeling of luxury. The detailing in each of the garments evokes the elegance of a bygone era. The suits and jackets are made from the best material and are perfect for any dinner party or a black-tie event.

Canali also offers it’s Su Misura service, through which the patron can custom-create suits, jackets, pants, shirts, coats, and sweaters as per his personal taste and style. With the help of a Made to Measure specialist, he can select every aspect of the garment, coming away with a personalized item that reads like a true work of art.