Diesel has been known for addressing the need for more environmentally respectful practices in the fashion industry.

The brand has launched its “Diesel Upcycling For” initiative, which is a part of “For Responsible Living” strategy that focuses on on a commitment to a more sustainable future. The project will see various collections made from the Italian brand’s deadstock, old samples, prototypes and leftover materials.

On May 30, Man’s World India co-hosted Diesel Lockdown party with the fashion editor Neelangana Vasudeva and guest stylist Anisha Jain. The duo elaborated on how to pull off work from home styles with the help of the brand’s latest collection.

It features trends such as graphic tees, tie-dye shirts, lilac dominated sweatshirts along with sweat jeans that are perfect for the work from home scenario. Tie-Dye trend is one of the most dominating trends of 2020. It is one of the easiest ways to nail an head to toe outfit. Similarly, colours like lilac, pink and mints have been a part of this summer palette, making them a statement in itself. 

When asked about the Upcycling initiative of the brand, they explained, “the process of taking existing materials, such as deadstock products, and converting them into new items of higher value. Upcycling avoids the use of new raw materials and consequently reduces energy consumption, pollution and the environmental footprint linked to the use of natural resources. It is a way to create something new and unique by making use of what’s already available, without starting from scratch.”

Apart from SS20 collection, the brand recently launched a capsule collection as a part of COVID-19 initiative. Dubbed as Diesel Upfreshing, it adds an extra layer of freshness and anti-microbial protection to your wardrobe.