There’s a compelling visual reason.

Social media is neck-deep in croc-odile tears and maybe even real ones after they were afflicted with Balenciaga’s attempt of bringing Crocs back during Paris fashion week and these went especially a bit far due to their, how do we put this, heeled nature.



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Crocs have a history of creating distress among common folk who apparently have evolved tastes, whereas celebrities have endorsed them out and out in the past. Earning street cred as the ultimate dad shoes worn on international flights isn’t something to be proud of. As for majority of the women in probably the entire world, they do not even think twice about ignoring the shoes on the shelf so there’s your first hint about their take on the new, reformed ones. If you still have a hard time believin’, here’s proof:





Look at it this way: if you value your relationship with your lady (or lady friend), buy her flowers, chocolates, be basic for a change– it’s alright. But if it’s her birthday or your anniversary, and you see her accidentally double tap on Crocs’ Instagram of these shoes (but you won’t realise it’s an accident), she doesn’t want it. This is a handout you need, whether you voluntarily ask for it or not.