You are currently viewing 5 Bizarre Fashion Trends To Be Wary Of – 2018 Edition

5 Bizarre Fashion Trends To Be Wary Of – 2018 Edition

Ugly is clearly the new black

Fashion’s association with ugly has been an ongoing trend for a while now. Every time something bizarre starts gaining attention we hope its the last in the line of ‘ugly’ trends that we have to see. This year, in particular, had a lot of such moments courtesy designers who religiously bring them up. The rise of the ‘ugly’ has certainly caught the eye of fashion’s elite and its time we accept that it’s nowhere nearing an end. To put things in perspective, we have a list of all the downright hideous pieces that strutted down the runway and streets this year. Unless you are more of a wear anything in the name of fashion person, you might want to give them a miss too. 

Balenciaga Platform Clogs

Platform crocs are high up on all things that are bizarre in this world today. We are unsure how jeweled charms can change that notion.  

Vetements Cycling Sunglasses 

Demna’s accessorized version of these sunglasses scream cyberpunk and we are just not ready to step into the future yet.


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Moschino’s Toilet Paper Bag

A roll of toilet paper as a bag isn’t necessarily the best piece you would take to a dinner party unless you want to be reminded of the loo every once in a while. 


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Thigh-High Ugg Boots by Y/Project

Ugg boots are now thigh high. We need a moment to take it all in. 


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Kim Kardashian In Flip- FLop Kitten Heels

Adding kitten heels to flip-flops isn’t the collab we were hoping for this year. 


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