H&M has announced that it will be producing and providing hospitals and healthcare workers with personal protective equipment following the global outbreak of coronavirus.

The group’s supply chain will be used for the production of personal protective equipment, which will be supplied to hospitals and healthcare personnel. The product  distributed would be protective masks, gloves and even work gowns. The retail brand has focused on their logistics to speed up the delivery of the personal protective equipment.

Anna Gedda, head of sustainability H&M Group said in a statement: “The Coronavirus is dramatically affecting each and every one of us, and H&M Group is, like many other organizations, trying our best to help in this extraordinary situation. We see this is as a first step in our efforts to support in any way we can. We are all in this together, and have to approach this as collectively as possible.”

Apart from this, the H&M Foundation is making a donation of $500,000 to the fund set up by the World Health Organization for ensuring better treatment of sick patients. “We are all experiencing an extraordinary situation which requires as many as possible,” explained Diana Amini, Global Manager of the H&M Foundation.