The right way to layer your winter formal suit with a hint of informal.

Wearing a sweater with your suit is no longer only your grandfather’s go-to style hack among the very few hacks that he has, in the winters. The sweater gets even more majestic when men of all ages wear them this season. So, in order to nail the layering aspect right, here’s what you should consider while styling your favourite sweater with your suit.

Pick the right shade

You’re obviously not dressing up for a child’s birthday party. They have a birthday clown for those kind of occasions. However, it doesn’t matter if you’re a dad or not– you can still sport the sweater-suit combination at this event.

Do not bulk up

The lighter the sweater, the better the balance. When you choose a sweater on the heavier side, it’s bound to look bulky on the inside of your suit, making it look like you’re hiding somethin under it.

Pair the right style

If you aren’t aware yet, there are variations in the sweater departments: there’s the hoodie, the pullover, the cardigan and more to choose from. Even pairing a V-neck sweater is a crucial choice. Start with this: choose whether your look is either formal or casual. If it’s formal, choose a tie and a pair of shoes that is compatible enough with the kind of sweater wearing with it. As for casual, go sans the tie and choose from a range of relaxed footwear like a pair of loafers.

Here are some choice sweaters you can sport this winter.

Jack & Jones
Tommy Hilfiger
Tommy Hilfiger
Tommy Hilfiger
Tommy Hilfiger