“I don’t stick to one theme when it comes to building a collection,” Kunal Rawal said as he excitedly showed me around DSTRESS HOUSE, his Juhu store in Mumbai.

It’s true. Extending his Festive Edit collection sale that perfectly aligns with Diwali around the corner, Rawal introduced his new assemblage of festive menswear to MW first which has so many intricate “imperfect” layers, that if you point any piece from the collection, it is understood that it’s a Kunal Rawal design.

Rawal has always maintained military undertones in his work. The camouflage grunge look is what made him Bollywood’s go-to designer. Perhaps what elevates his game this time are elements such as the French knots, frayed edges and pastel colours which would make you think that he’s playing it safe. But in reality, the end result is not what you’d imagine.

Expect to see pastels, warm olives and champagnes in this collection. The mock lapel and strategic zippers make a comeback while highlighting specific body parts like the shoulders and arms with details also continue to be a huge asset to Rawal’s design.

Rawal aims to go online with his future work by early next year giving everyone on the internet a taste of his work. Until then, pop by his store to get the first look.