The Louis Vuitton Fall-Winter 2021 men’s collection by Virgil Abloh was received with high praise. The collection investigates the unconscious biases instilled in our collective psyche by the archaic norms of society. Predetermined perceptions, they imbue our outlooks with manmade myths connected to the genetics of people, ideas and art.

With this collection, Virgil Abloh employs fashion as a tool to change those preconceptions: keep the codes, but change the values.

What’s also commendable is that the collection remains faithful to the upcycling ideology first launched for Spring-Summer 2021, exercising different ideas of upcycling throughout.

The storyline takes its point of departure in archetypes: the Artist, the Salesman, the Architect, the Drifter. – Defining the ‘normal’ characters of society, Virgil Abloh investigates the presumptions we make about people based on the way they dress: their cultural background, gender, and sexuality.

In that way, the collection aims to illuminate and neutralise the prejudice we create around people by keeping the dress codes related to certain archetypes, but changing the human values we associate with them.

At the heart of it, the message is simple but strong: creating the same opportunities, dreams, and freedom for children of all races, genders and sexualities when asked the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”