LVMH will be supplying French authorities with at least 40 million masks beginning early next week to fight the coronavirus.

According to Hypebeast, an official statement from the company LVMH has been able to secure an order from a Chinese manufacturer, and the first 10 million — seven million of which are surgical masks and the remaining three million being FFP2 masks will arrive in the coming days.

A similar order will be made for at least four weeks, total 40 million masks for the government and healthcare authorities in France. To ensure that production begins immediately, the company’s CEO Bernard Arnault has ordered LVMH to fund the first batch, which comes in at a cost of €5 million EUR. Once the masks are ready, the group will handle every step of the process from managing its supply chain to delivery to customs clearance.

This is not the first time the fashion house is providing helping hand during the outbreak, previously they converted their perfume and cosmetics factories to manufacture hydroalcoholic gel to meet the hand sanitizer shortages in the country, which were donated for free.